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Posted: Sunday 22 July, 2012

by Rosemary at 9:02pm in Poultry Comments closed

There's a poultry sale on at Forfar this week, so I'm going along with my birthday money. We've had hens since 2002 - started with three, now have 70 plus, mostly hybrids for eggs (Warrens, Black Rocks, Rhode Rocks with a sprinkling of others).

Recently, however, Dan and I have fancied having a few pure breeds as little breeding flocks. Our Black Orpington, Ruby, went broody three months ago so we set her on some Welsummer eggs and we have six eight-week old chicks (we think we have four hens and two cockerels) - so that's our first wee flock.

For my birthday, Andrew and Janis gave me a pair of Cream Crested Legbars - Columbus and Clara. Flock number two - with vacancies for a couple more hens.

I love Ruby, our Black Orpington - possibly the start of flock number three if I can find her some mates.

Two of the layers have gone broody, so I'm letting them sit, with the possibility of buying some fertile eggs on Thursday looming.

Poor John is harassed building new accommodation for them all.

Hopefully there will be a good entry of birds on Thursday (and not many bidders devil) and I will be able to get maximum impact from my birthday cash.

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