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Posted: Sunday 6 February, 2005

by Rosemary at 7:44pm in Growing Comments closed

Once again, the weather has been wonderful this weekend. As planned, the shallots have been planted.

Dan has built another raised bed, so that only leaves on more to do. We'll have to get topsoil soon and get the beds filled, ready for planting.

Potatoes are chitting in the front hall. They make an interesting addition to my Arts and Crafts style room. I suppose they are useful, and some may think they are beautiful, so no doubt William Morris would be OK with racks of spuds in egg boxes.

We're chitting a 3kg bag (about 30 tubers) of each of Red Duke of York, Robinta and Maris Peer. These will fill about 15 square metres. We'll also chit some Pink Fir Apple, from our own seed.

We have successfully grown both Red Duke of York and Pink Fir Apple in previous years. Robinta and Maris Peer will be first timers for us. We're growing Maris Peer as a salad potato. Robinta is a new variety, organic and a early maincrop. It's billed as the most disease resistant red potato ever! It replaces Desiree, a variety we've grown in previous years, so we'll see how they compare. Desiree is a great variety - fabulous roaster.

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