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Posted: Thursday 24 March, 2005

by Rosemary at 6:39pm in Cats Comments closed

We've had a bit of a scare with Cassius this week.

On Saturday, we noticed that he was straining to pee and couldn't. We called our vet's emergency service and were told to bring him in right away. It turns out he had crystals in his urine that had irritated his bladder, causing it to block completely. Without treatment, he would have been dead in 48 hours. The build up of waste in his body woudl have caused heart failure (given he has a dicky ticker anyway).

However, after four nights in hospital, an X-ray and ultrasound and some other less pleasant treatments, King Cass is now home again. He's lost a bit of weight, has a special diet and some medication to take but he looks fine. He couldn't wait to get outside - we think he was a bit stir crazy!

Homer, Copper and the dogs are hugely disappointed - life is so much less hazardous when Cass isn't around. But Dan and I missed him.

Because he's the youngest of our cats (we think) and given that Homer is FIV, we've always assumed that Cass would be around for longer than the other two. So we always assumed that he would be the one to "teach" a vacancy-filling kitten how to be proper cat. The thought of Homer (dysfunctional) or Copper (obese) "teaching" a kitten life skills is too odd to contemplate.

Thankfully, Cass seems well on the mend. He goes back for a check-up tomorrow. Thanks heavens for pet insurance!

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