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Posted: Monday 20 July, 2020

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Monday 13th July

Showery today. Dan did his comfrey orders and I had an office day. I’m determined not to prevaricate about paperwork any more (I know the road to Hell is paved with good intentions).  I took Penfold to vet; bloods taken, will get the results Wednesday. He’s gone form 5.1kg in October to 4.5kg now. That’s quite a lot.

Tuesday 14th July

Punnets for fruit finally arrived; I put some courgettes out for sale. Blackcurrants and gooseberries to follow.  I took Smokey into the field in hand because I didn’t have much time. He was still spooky but started listening and thinking a bit better.

The cattle and sheep are now grazing together; they keep themselves to themselves.

Carol’s going to do our biodiversity plan and tree survey.

Wednesday 15th July

It’s my birthday, so I had a lie in. Tara and I rode, Tara riding Ave and ponying Euro, but we didn’t go far because the flies were terrible. Poor Ave was harassed.

John and Linda gave me a book of tray bakes – they admitted to some self-interest in the gift, bless them. It’s by the first winner of GBBO and all the recipes use the same sized tin. He must have heard me moaning a couple of weeks ago.

bookMy birthday book.

I tempted Ace into the field shelter with sugar beet; he’ll be there for ten days or so. The vet’s booked to come 28th July to jag the cows and take BVD blood samples from the calves. Then he can get out for more sex. We’ve confirmed with AF a swap of steer and heifer.

aceAce, penned.

The cows had to get a wee bucket too.

cowsA wee treat.

Penfold has a kidney issue not a thyroid one, which was what I expected. We’ve ordered special food and he’s to go in Friday for blood pressure and to get a urine sample. On a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the worst, he’s a 2, so hopefully not too bad. His haematology, liver and thyroid were normal.

Diesel seems to have gone missing.

Thursday 16thJuly

Carol and I had a picnic at Tentsmuir beach; we took dogs; she had her two Labrador pups and I took our two. It was a glorious afternoon, perfect for sitting out having a blether. It was busy but not to busy and folk were keeping a good distance apart.

Dan's going to knit himself a sweater. He's bought Icelandic yarn.

yarnIcelandic yarn for Dan's sweater.

Dan carried on with topping Laing’s Field. Still no sign of Diesel.

Friday 17th July

Warm, windy and overcast. Up at 5.30am; barn cleaned out, ponies in at 9.30. Jane came to fit Smokey’s saddle – OMG, amazing change.

Albie was keeping his dad company and munching hay through the gate.

albieBit of male bonding.

Dropped Pen at the vet at 8.30am; his BP is normal but they didn’t manage to get a urine sample. He did pee on the towel in the cat basket on the way home though. Decided wringing it out wasn’t an option so he’s shut in the office with a litter tray with plastic beads in. His special food arrived today – he likes it. A lot. Still no Diesel. Tom’s really missing him.

I’ve hurt my right elbow.

Saturday 18th July

Still no Diesel; I’ve put a note through all the doors on the street asking folk to check garages and sheds. I got an email from one neighbour who saw him on Thursday. Success with the urine sample!

Kate, Tara and I walked the ponies out but didn’t ride. It was lovely, actually. The ponies had a picnic and I picked Rosebay Willow Herb and Cow Parsley for Smokey to snack on, on the way home.

smokeySmokey's picnic.

Dan lifted all the early potatoes – Red Duke of York and Maris Peer or Piper. I lifted the few shallots and beetroot that grew. Dan also finished thinning the apple trees – he’s been doing a few every night when he goes to shut the hens in or to feed the pigs, if he does that job.

Sunday 19th July

Nice day again. I got up at 5.30am as usual and decided to bake. Gingernuts, malt loaf and a new recipe from my birthday book – Anzac Caramel Chocolate Slices. It’s like Millionaire’s Shortbread but the base is oats and coconut. The base was a bit scorched but the caramel and chocolate were lovely. I’ll try again once we’ve eaten this round.

Dan went off after breakfast to pull the ragwort that stopping him finishing the topping in Laing’s Field then got on with the topping. It’s almost finished but the margins are full of ragwort. I’m keeping the cows and sheep on our grass until Ace can go out again.  Ace is such a sweetheart – he let me spray him with fly spray last night. Annie’s got a sore teat, so I’ve sprayed it twice with Alamycin spray and put Sudacrem on it.

Best news – Diesel came home at 10.30pm. So relieved to see him.

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