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Posted: Sunday 21 April, 2024

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Monday 15th April

Sunny but cold breeze this morning. Gary here just after 8am so hoping for good progress today.

pathsWork progressing.

Starting to get a bit antsy about calving. The cows were jagged on 24th July last year, if they were served on 25th (which they weren’t) they’d be due on 3rd May, based on 283 day gestation period. I noted Bronte with Grey on 27th July and Rora on the 29th then we were in Orkney from 30th July, so couldn’t watch them. Both Blizzard and Rora calved earlier than 283 days last year. The reason I’m so antsy is that Dan is going off to Portugal for six days from 1st May. Although he’s never really been involved with calving, he’s my support and I’m a bit anxious that he won’t be here. I’m kind of hoping they get a shift on and calve before he goes, but I doubt I’ll be that lucky.

Hmm, just scanning through old diary posts and found one of Blizzard and Grey “loved up” on 14th August last year, which would make her due 23rd May. Result.

Tuesday 16th April

The strawberries in the polytunnel are starting to flower and the petunias seem to be fine.


strawberriesStrawberries in the polytunnel.

Wednesday 17th April

And we have a diagnosis for Dot. She has a Giardia infection. It didn’t show in the first faecal test but has shown up in the three-day one. This is good news. It’s treatable. She has Metronidazole for 10 days, twice a day and Panacur once a day for five days. Five day break and test again. Cooper is also to be treated. Litter trays bleached and treated with boiling water. Treatment will start tomorrow morning.

In the front garden, one of the four paths is in plus the centre circle and bird bath. We’re very pleased with how it’s looking so far.

pathsPaths going in.

I received a text message from D, who bought Baby and Bronte, late on. Baby has bagged up and he wondered if she might be close to calving. That set me thinking. The cows ran with the bull May, June and until 12th July. Then the bull was isolated, the cows jagged on 24th July and the bull turned out. The jag should have stopped any pregnancy and brought them back into season. I saw Bronte with the bull almost straight away, and Rora a day or two later. As I said above, Blizzard on 14th August. I didn’t see Baby with the bull and assumed it had happened while we were in Orkney 30th July to 5th August. But maybe it didn’t. Maybe the jag didn’t work. If so, Baby will be due about now. OMG.

Thursday 18th April

We had a light frost this morning at 6am.

frostWee touch of frost.

The first kitten drug session didn’t go well. The Metranidazole was fine, the Panacur not so much. I think most went on the floor, walls and possibly the ceiling. Must do better tomorrow.

The paths are progressing but we are short of 20 granite setts; they won’t be delivered until Monday or Tuesday, so a Friday finish is now out. All the pointing still needs to be done, too.


pathsPaths almose complete; edges to go in.

Now that Cooper has mastered the cat flap, he bangs it mercilessly if it’s locked. Dan erected a barricade.

catflapCooper-proof barrier.

Friday 19th April

Lovely spring day. More fun with medicines. Dot’s not too difficult, but Cooper is impossible.

I brought a load of stuff from Lorna’s house for sorting out, while her bedroom is being decorated. Dot found the best spot.

DotDot's spot.

Dan made the best bread he’s made or ages. Thanks to new yeast from Lidl, I think.

breadBraw bread.

I popped through to Perth to pick up 12 day-old meat chicks and two POL pullets – a Sussex and a Bluebelle. We popped the pullets in the big house in the summer pen and moved the four Princesses up after dark. Hopefully, they’ll all settle in.

Saturday 20th April

In Glasgow all day; I’m slightly sunburned, would you believe.  Several boxes of Calibrachoa plug plants were delivered – don’t remember ordering these, but they’ll get used. The two Blush Noisette roses have also arrived. We’ll heel them in until the ground is prepared.

The new pullets found their beds successfully.

Gwenna channelled her inner Superman.



Sunday 21st April

It’s Bertie’s 15th birthday tomorrow. He has prawns, but not gift wrapped. He was allowed some today. Dot came for a snuggle.

DotSound asleep.

I am so tired after yesterday’s outing, I’m doing Monday’s office jobs today, with a view to spending tomorrow outside. It’s drizzling rain anyway.

Dan was weeding in the fruit garden and found the label from the blackberry there – it’s “Asperina”. Noting this for future reference. And I am noting the names of the ferns for the stumpery; Polystichum polyblepharum; Asplenium scolopendrium; Athyrium filix-femina and Matteuccia struthleptoris. Fair trip of the tongue. Not.



Friday 26 April, 2024 at 10:09am

The two Blush Noisette roses have also arrived.

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