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Posted: Saturday 31 March, 2012

by Rosemary at 9:53am in Sheep Comments closed

Niamh had a white tup lamb at midnight last night. He weighed in at 5.1kg. I was concerned about her, especially given Nova's experience, so I called out the vet, since she didn't seem to be making much of it. I thought I could feel one foot and a big head but it was very tight and I didn't want to damage either ewe or lamb.

Millie managed to get the second foot and, with much effort on both her and Niamh's part, lambed her normally.

As might be expected, Niamh was a bit shellshocked, as was the lamb, but she had plenty milk so once I was sure the lamb was OK, I left them in the mothering pen for half an hour. When I came back, she was giving him a good lick and was chuntering away to him. He was almost up on his feet, so I gave him a hand to feed. This was 2am; by 4am, when I checked again, he was up on his feet, dry and full of milk.

The weather's due to turn on Monday so I'm going to get them out tomorrow morning so he gets a day in the sun.

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