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Posted: Wednesday 17 November, 2010

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Last week, I went to visit a local pedigree cattle breeder to get some tips on halter training. Audrey and her family have the Panmure herds of Charolais and Hereford cattle, which they show successfully. It was a very useful visit for me and I'm grateful to Audrey for her time, expertise and the two rope halters, to replace the white cotton ones I bought, that now look like old rags.

Breeze has become a real pet and will be brushed without a food bribe. On Tuesday, Dan and I slipped the halter on her and tied her up - after a bit of tugging, she was pretty calm so we left her for about half an hour before releasing her. Yesterday, I thought she might know what was coming and be less co-operative, but she let me put the halter on with out the food bribe. I was able to lead her round the byre (which isn't very big).

Blizzard is a different kettle of fish. I couldn't get the halter on her on Tuesday, but did manage it yesterday at my third attempt. I decided to do no more than that, but have left the halters on them, knotted at the nose so they can't loosen or tighten. Tomorrow, we'll tie both of them up, I think.

I'm pleased with Breeze's progress but need to focus now on Blizzard to get her to a similar stage. I did notice today that they have both grown and filled out a bit - as Dan pointed out, they don't burn a lot of calories at the moment.


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