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Posted: Monday 3 November, 2008

by Rosemary at 9:04pm in Growing 1 comment Comments closed

Dan planted out the new strawberry patch today. The plants were delivered this morning - a special offer from "Grow your own" magazine, I think. There are six each of three varieties - Amelia, Mae and Marshmello. We've planted them in the patio bed on the east side of the house. I hope to plant lettuce between the rows, as they are quite well spaced.

Our existing strawberry patch, Florence and Pegasus, has done well but it's three years old now, so we're moving it to fresh ground with new varieties. The existing patch will crop next year, then be removed. I intend to move the rhubarb into that area, since it will need split - I might invest in some new varieties - then plant new raspberry canes in the current rhubarb patch. The redcurrant, white currant and blueberry will then go where the raspberries currently are, beside the gooseberries and blackcurrants. I might have room for a couple of extra blueberry bushes.

I hope you've followed all this as there will be a quiz at the end...



Thursday 6 November, 2008 at 8:30am

I know the answer to the quiz......JAM!!!

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