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Posted: Monday 15 March, 2021

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Monday 8th March

Steven was planning to be here today to scrape Sheepfold but he was otherwise engaged – it’s still a bit wet to be honest. Dave Laing, from whom we rent the 10 acre field, came down for a look and he’s going to run the mulching mower over it for us to take the rushes down.

Quick trip to East Pitkerro and a mega pile of paperwork, but all done.

Tuesday 9th March

Finished weeding the second flower bed at the front of the house and rewarded myself by taking Smokey for a walk. 

bedSecond front flower bed weeded.

I also gave him a brush as the big spring casting of the coat has begun.

smokeyFillings for bird boxes.

Dan managed to get away from his desk for an hour and trimmed the fuchsia hedge and some of the ivy – so a treat for the sheep and cows.

fuschiaFuschia hedge trimmed.

ivyIvy trimmings.

Tractor in Laing’s field – it’s a bit wet yet, but we just have to go with it when we get the offer.

More weeding - the bed up the side of the house this time.


sideAnd after.

A coople of years ago, we sold three ewe lambs to a lovely lassie called Paige. She's now lambing for the first time and doing great. It was lovely to get a photo of the first set of twins.

lambsPaige's lambs.

Wednesday 10th March

Jings, tractor back in Laing’s Field this morning, but not for long. I had a quick run up to Forfar for some feed and food shopping for us. I bought 2 honeysuckles to plant in the fuchsia hedge for some early colour. The fuchsia hedge is lovely but it’s a long time coming in the spring.  Called into the SAC office to pick up the soil sampler. On my way home, I swung by the quarry and ordered a tonne of topsoil and picked up two backs of granite chips for the beds round the patio uprights.

The sheep are eaing the ivy.

sheepThe Ivy League.

The bird boxes are getting busy.

boxesSome of our bird boxes.

Thursday 11th March

Started to put the granite chips round on the patio beds. Two bags did two, so have ordered another two to come with the topsoil on Monday. I think they look quite good.


Had a walk across Laing’s Field – not much evidence of damage and the rushes are well topped. We can keep it topped with our wee topper over the season.

tracksNot too much damage.

rushesRushes, topped and mulched.

Dan is going to build a wee wall to tidy up this corner. The paving needs relaid and widened, then the wall cemented in and back filled. The sets have been piled up under he ivy for ages. need to do something with those plastic pipes as well.

wallDan's wall.

Friday 12th March

Ooft, learned today of the tragic death of a Shetland cattle breeder. Kind of knocked the stuffing out of me, so have done precious little.

Saturday 13th March

Well, got off to a better start today. It’s been a lovely spell of weather – odd showers, but mainly dry; wind’s been cold at times but it’s been pretty sunny.

So, I have spread wildflower / grass seed mix in the wee paddock where the tup lambs; weeded the first of two flower beds along the side of the West range;

tomsTomatoes sown.

potted up sweet peas and peas and sowed tomatoes on heat (three varieties – Sweet Millions, Sungold and San Marzano); top dressed the blackcurrants and gooseberries with comfrey liquid; planted the two honeysuckle. Then it was breakfast time!

Just joking – that took me to lunchtime – none of the jobs were very big. Dan carried on pruning apple trees then trimmed more ivy, before tidying up round the WC. Well pleased with it.

Steven brought down the bogey, ready for a sharp start tomorrow

I started to put a second coat of stain on the WC, but Dan tempted me away with promises of martini, crisps and the third “Bourne” movie.

Sunday 14th March

Steven was here at 8am with the digger. What a guy! What a great job he’s done. We need to get a permanent electric fence along the wall now, one, to stop Smokey rubbing on it and two, to stop Euro eating our neighbours plants.

I made a Mocha Roulade for pudding tonight; it's a bit of a faff but well worth it.  Having made the sponge, I went back to the WC painting but had to stop to go to the skip – it IS Sunday, you know.

When we got back, Steven was finished and the bogey gone. All looks very tidy.

The cows came in at lunchtime, so I just shut them in – since I was cooking, it was better to try and get ahead. For once.

We had roast mutton, crispy crushed potatoes with lentils and maple roast carrots. Followed by mocha roulade. Keeping Bertie off the mutton was a challenge and I had a slight fail. Bloody cat.

muttonBloody cat!




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