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Posted: Tuesday 19 April, 2011

by Rosemary at 8:26pm in Growing Comments closed

I've planted out the first cabbages today - two rows of Elisa, which is a summer cabbage. In the brassica bed, the row of spinach and row of kale are showing now. The other cabbages and the brussels sprouts are in the greenhouse and tiny seedlings are starting to show.

John built a wire frame for the peas, so the first double row of Hurst Greenshaft are in, having been started in the greenhouse. John's made a number of frames so I can get the spacing done. There will be four double rows of peas - the second is in the greenhouse now and the last two will be direct sown. I sowed two gutters of Sugar Ann, a sugarsnap pea today.

The sunflowers are starting to sprout and the clover is well through and needs thinned a bit. I thought I was sowing pretty thinly but apparently not. Finally, I sowed 24 sweetcorn plants and eight courgette plants (if all the seeds come).

The best growing is being done by the ground elder though, so it's going to be "constant vigilance" this year. Damned stuff.

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