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Posted: Sunday 25 September, 2011

by Rosemary at 3:06pm in Fencing Comments closed

Since we moved here, we've had to do quite a lot of fencing - some new, to make small paddocks and some to replace existing fence that's past it's best before date.

This weekend, Dan and John started on a 50m or so stretch in the Near Ditch paddock. This is where the old muck heaps were and where the caravan and the new septic tank are. The muck heaps were removed when the tank was put in, so the new fence will form part of the boundary of John and Linda's garden. We're also fencing round the septic tank to keep livestock off it.

The caravan is currently in the field so we're putting a fence round it with a gate out of the wood. At the moment, access is shared with any livestock who are in the field and who don't discriminate between "path" and "not path", so walking to the 'van in the dark is a bit of a dance round the pats. Furthermore, the cows use the caravan as a rubbing post and the sheep go under it to sleep - not great for its longterm future.

Yesterday, Dan and John took out the old fence. That was interesting, because there was about three fences - or one fence with multiple layers, depending how you look at it. It took them all morning to strim the field edge and pull out the old wire, there was so much of it. Fortunately, most of the fence posts are sound, so I think tomorrow's plan is to put in the new posts and strainer and get the wire on.

They can only do to the caravan, because the access gate isn't coming until Thursday. Then they will be able to get it finished. It looks much better already with all the nettles cut down and the old fence away - not much good for keeping the sheepies in though.

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