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Posted: Thursday 10 April, 2014

by Rosemary Champion at 11:41am in Sheep Comments closed

Lucy lambed this morning - twin ewes. Haven't weighed them yet but they look like big girls, especially the second one.

Sweetpea had her twins on Tuesday - a ewe and a tup (4kg and 4.5kg respectively, which isn't bad for a gimmer) - and went out to play today. Poppy and her triplets are already out and she seems to be coping fine with three.

So, six lambed and that's us halfway. Thirteen lambs born; nine ewes and four tups. We've always had pretty even splits between ewes and tups before, so this is unusual. TBH, I'd rather it was the other way round :-) But I'm just glad all the ewes and lambs seem to be in rude good health.

Stella (gimmer) will lamb today, I'm sure, and Niamh was due a single yesterday, so she might go today. So far, four have lambed at lunchtime, one at teatime and Lucy about 10am today. If only I could be SURE they'd wait for daylight, I could skip the 2am check :-)

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