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Posted: Monday 3 June, 2024

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Monday 27th May

Far better day weatherwise then forecast; mainly sunny and warm with a few showers.

We both had some desk work to do first, but then the rest of the day was spent outside in the garden. Dan carried on with riddling soil and topping up the new beds; I weeded the first bed and started to plant up the second bed. The first bed is growing away fine – nothing dead so far.

first-bedFirst bed is coming away nicely.


I started to plant up the second bed, but ran out of plants. A trip to the garden centre is planned fro Wednesday.

second-bedThe gap.

I contacted a man about a wall - he’s coming down this week to have a look – and and I emailed the local shed place about the sitooterie.

Tuesday 28th May

Arrangements are now on place for Blizzard, Rora and the calf to move to Guardswell on Tuesday 4th June, all things being equal. Better get tissues.

I had a visit from two nice ladies from the Scottish Handcrafts Circle to discuss the Circle’s attendance at the Festival. I tied up and cleaned the bathroom for them coming. On arrival, Valerie asked to use the facilities and I directed her into the hall and upstairs. She went out, then stuck her head round the door to say there was a dead pigeon in the hall. Jeezoh. What a house.

We can’t decide which cat is responsible. We think Diesel or Bertie would have eaten at least some of it, but could it be one of the kittens?

We’ve had sun then rain. Dan and Andy did a batch of comfrey then Dan topped our neighbour’s paddocks.

Wednesday 29th May

It was Cooper. Today, he brought in a dead magpie.

MagpieCooper and his magpie.

Dan topped Home, then we had heavy rain.

HomeHome topped just before the rain came.

I did some further planting in the second front bed, after a trip to the garden centre. There's still a gap.

second bedType your caption here.


Thursday 30th May

Glorious day, so finished planting up the secomd front bed. There’s still a gap, but I have a nice hardy geranium to move there.

Cooper brought in a second dead magpie.

Friday 31st May

Nik the foot trimmer did his stuff at Dalmore for the last time. I thought it best to have Blizz and Rora’s feet in tiptop condition for their new home. We gave Nik a bottle of Dalmore malt whisky to remember us by. I hope it doesn't give him nightmares. He's been such a help to us over the years and is a thoroughly decent man.


Carol came for lunch, which was lovely.

Saturday 1st June

Dan almost completed the paths round the stumpery. It’s now cleared and ready for the stumps. But not today. I did some bits of planting, weeding and general tidying up.

stumperyThe stumpery.

Lovely day; met the new neighbours when I was feeding the cows. There’s a vixen with a litter of four (I think) cubs at the bottom of Sheepfold.

In preparation for retirement, we had a glass of Prosecco while relaxing on the old sunloungers.

Sunday 2nd June

Another roaster this morning but it clouded up at lunchtime and the breeze rose; it was actually nicer working outside this afternoon.

Mainly weeding. The soft fruit bed was choked. Dottie helped. Or at least kept me company. She’s such a wee sweatheart.

DottieDottie, helping.


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