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Posted: Thursday 29 March, 2012

by Rosemary at 4:24pm in Sheep Comments closed

As expected and bang on time, Lyra gave birth to a white ewe lamb yesterday afternoon. The lamb weighed in at 4.2kg, so not far short of Jinx's tup lamb. Mother and lamb are doing great - Lyra is a very conscientious mother. As this is our first ewe lamb, she needs a name beginning with "S".

Since it was a lovely day today, I decided to let them out. Lyra got her "makeover" - wormer, flukicide, spot-on, foot trim and rear end tidy up - before they tootled off to the nursery field.

To me it looks like there isn't much grass, but the ewes that have lambed aren't all that interested in the cake that I'm offering twice a day, so there must be enough. The lambs certainly aren't hungry.

Anyway, Niamh is due today and Luna tomorrow, with twins. My money's on both lambing tonight.

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