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Posted: Thursday 1 December, 2011

by Rosemary at 7:32pm in Sheep Comments closed

Well, that's tupping over for another year. The ewes and ewe lambs are now all together in Sheepfold, while Leo and Dickie are reunited in Home Field.

I spoke to the scanner last week; she needs to see the ewes before the 17th January, so I've marked the diary to call her after the festive season.

Sheepfold's pretty bare so I'm putting hay out - if they need it, they'll eat it.

Pickle's lame again - she's one of this year's lambs. She was lame a week ago, so I trimmed the foot and sprayed it with Terramycin. She seemed sound but I noticed she was a bit lame again tonight. We'll catch her tomorrow, clean it with Milton and spray it again; we'll repeat Saturday and Sunday and if that doesn't work, I'll ring the vet for an antibiotic on Monday.

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