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Posted: Tuesday 19 May, 2009

by Rosemary at 8:21pm in Sheep Comments closed

I thought I had put this up - wrote it ages ago, well, mid May given the content!

Jura lambed last night - a ewe lamb that has been named Lyra. Both mother and daughter seem to be doing fine. I'll tail her in the morning, then she can get out in the afternoon if it's fine. I hope Li'l' Bud and Dickie don't bully her, as she's very small in comparison to those two thugs.

It looks like Li'l' Bud has a future as a breeding ram; Lyra will be retained in our flock; Dickie, however, has a less long-term future i.e. the freezer. I was concerned about him being the only one going to the abattoir so I've arranged with my chum, who also has Ryelands, that when we wean them, Dickie will go and run with her ram lambs until they all go for slaughter. It's not a happy thought, as I'm quite attached to them, but it's most humane solution I can come up with in the circumstances.

I've ordered ear tags, so I'll get that done shortly and then I'll register them, all things being equal. The first Rosedean lambs!

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