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Posted: Monday 14 November, 2011

by Rosemary at 7:30am in Sheep 2 comments Comments closed

Well, that's Dan off to the abattoir with the five tup lambs. Will I ever stop getting a twinge the morning they go? I've been awake since 5am.

This was the best loading we've done - because they loaded themselves. Yesterday at 4pm, Dan reversed the trailer close to the field gate; after dropping the ramp and opening the trailer gates, we built a little pen from the back of the trailer to the field gate itself and called the lambs in. When we cosed the field gate behind them, they were enclosed in a small pen comprising the open trailer and  maybe a couple of square metres of grass. The trailer was straw bedded and they had a bucket of water. We left them there overnight.

When we went out this morning at 6.30am, three were lying down in the trailer and two on the ramp; the two on the ramp wandered into the trailer when they saw us. The trailer gate was shut, we tagged them in the trailer, closed up and off they went.

We're about 30 miles from the abattoir, so they'll be there at 8am, hopefully for it opening, so they'll be killed quickly. Best we can do, under the circumstances.

I'm going down later in the week to see the carcasses. Apart from one that's bigger than the rest (he was a single), they are pretty even sized. It will be interesting to see our "end product".


Linda 158

Monday 14 November, 2011 at 6:43pm

Alovely read but sad in oneway but if i want to become a crofter or small holder then i will have to get used to it

I have chickens and ducks that i am looking after for my sistering law

we love the fresh eggs from both the ducks and hens

until i watch ade in britian to night i did not realise you could eat the ducks liver

looking forward to reading more from Linda


Thursday 17 November, 2011 at 1:29pm

What a great idea to load-I'm going to try to set up the same way next time I have to load. We took a steer in yesterday and I always think all day -here Wednesday is the abattoirs receiving day and my neighbors are the same. Wednesday is not a good day to call anyone with small stock

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