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Posted: Sunday 10 October, 2010

by Rosemary at 8:44am in Poultry Comments closed

We bought twelve day old Hubbards a couple weeks ago - they will be three weeks old this weekend. We haven't had table chickens for a while, with the move and all.

They've been in a box - the batchelor pad - in one of the looseboxes, under a heat lamp but they're growing fast so yesterday, we moved the box into the barn and put on a wire extension run. They still have the heat lamp and will have until they are fully feathered, but they now have more room to move around, and being on a sand floor, scratch around.

I've put in some cabbage leaves and a grassy sod, but they aren't much interested. Now, Black Rocks would have munched the cabbage and destroyed the sod by now, but hey ho!

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