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Posted: Monday 19 March, 2018

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Monday 12th March

Grey and overcast, but at least it’s dry. Did paperwork and caught up with emails.

Arranged a visit from our local EHO to discuss selling home baking – we’re due an inspection anyway.

Delighted to see Whyte, the limpy calf, now bouncing about!

Had a bit of a run-in with Urquhart, our tup. Now, he’s usually pretty amenable and he needs to be, because he weighs about 110kg. Today, he butted me when I went to put hay in. Then he did it again. And that was plain daft.

I grabbed him by his neck and ran him backwards so fast he rolled onto his side – so I sat on him. For about five minutes. When I let him up, he shook himself and walked away.

We’ll see what he’s like tomorrow.

Tom's taken to joining us at bedtime for a cuddle, then sleeping at the bottom of the bed.

Tom at bedtimeTom at bedtime.

Tuesday 13th March

Nice day – dry and sunny. Let the ewes back into Home now the water has receded.

Urquhart very respectful today, kept his distance and showing no signs of aggression.

Caught up with Smallholding Scotland stuff; intended to go to SWRI tonight but just ran out of time. Definitely next month.

Wednesday 14th March

Beautiful morning! Dan pulled out the cooker and I cleaned behind it. To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as I expected after 8 years. I confess to getting a company in to clean the ovens though.

Put hay in for the cows.

Vet came to do the ponies’ teeth and tetanus vaccines. Smokey was as good as gold and so was Bug once the sedative kicked in.

Let them on to the lawn to eat off the grass.

Ponies on the lawnPonies cutting lawn, brave corgs looking on.

Thursday 15 March

Windy but still dry.

Tom’s doing awfully well – he’s such a nice cat and his confidence is growing every day. He came and settled in the office today – he’s visited before, but never settled. He helped Dan with the mouse.

Tom at workTom at work with Dan.

Visited Forfar Mart with Martin to plan the Scottish Smallholder Festival layout.

Friday 16 March.

Windy and rainy overnight. Picked up hay and did a pile of Festival stuff. I’m trying to get ahead before lambing and gardening take over.

Spoke to a lovely woman about sticks and crooks and she’s pretty much taking care of that aspect of the event for me. I love an enthusiast.

Saturday 17 March

Wee skim of snow this morning, and cold and windy.

Dan took a load of manure to the allotments and an old water tank to the community garden.

Then, finally, we loaded up Panda and Missy and took them to their new home. They were so good.

Heifers on their way to loadingOff to be loaded.

Sorry to see them go but they’ve gone to a good guy, who’ll look after them well.

Heifers settling inMeeting their new herd-mates.

I hope they do a good job for him.

Prepared for our trip to Edinburgh Yarn Festival tomorrow.

Sunday 18 March

Woah, what happened to spring! Horizontal snow on the way to Edinburgh this morning.

Had a fantastic day at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

It’s a terrific event – if you are into hand knitting, it is so well worth a visit.

Today’s event was new – called Meet the Shepherd/ess, it was for single flock / small-scale producers.

Met so many lovely folk who were enthusiastic about what we’re trying to do – makes it all worthwhile.


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