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Posted: Thursday 31 March, 2011

by Rosemary at 10:22am in Sheep Comments closed

It's miserable here this morning - heavy rain and windy. I've kept the ewes in, both lambed and unlambed ones. They seem quite content with hay and water.

Luna's hanging on. I'm starting to think I might have got the dates wrong, or she's been tupped twice and I haven't noticed the second time.

We gave the three lambed ewes a flukicide yesterday and tailed Juno's lambs before they went out. It was lovely to see them enjoying the sun, but when I went out at 4pm, they were at the gate asking to come in. Lyra's wee boy fell asleep in her feed trug - twice. I moved him first time to clean his bum, but he must have got straight back in.

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