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Posted: Monday 15 August, 2022

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Monday 8th August

I love dahlias. These are from Sarah Raven; the Venetian Collection. Just hope I can manage to keep them for next year. I have a poor record so far.


Tuesday 9th August

It’s like autumn here – I guess the lack of water is making the trees drop leaves early.

leavesFallen leaves.

Wednesday 10th August

Hartons Grey, looking handsome.

GreyHartons Grey.

It’s very hot. And dry. And we have ripe figs. I think they’re hideous things but Dan and John love them.

FigRipe fig.

Thursday 11th August

Took Gwenna up to Aberdeen to see her surgeon. He’s happy with her progress and doesn’t want to see her again, unless we’re worried. We’ve to send a video in two weeks. We’ll carry on with the physio and search out hydrotherapy for her.

I started to draft up the plan for the veg garden for next year, while thinsg are fresh in my head. The polytunnel will have a bit of a refurbishment over the winter - new support wires, for example, as one collapsed this morning, bringing down all the tomatoes supported by it. Fortunatley, they all seem fine. I'm going to do two varieties of tomato, ten plats each and one Mini Munch cucumber. Sweet peppers - because we had stuffed ones the other night and they were delicious. Sweetcorn.

Outside, peas, potatoes - one bed each. More leeks, because they've done well this year - I think it was the muck tea. More beetroot. No garlic. Shallots - need to check which variety did best this year. Only one courgette plant. More carrots but MUST net them. Not sure about beans. We haven't eaten many of them this year.

Friday 12th August

I’m loving the sunflowers in pots. This spot is where the wood fired oven is going – next year, I will surround it with herbs and yellow sunflowers.

potsSunflowers in pots.

I’m not keen on these dark sunflowers. Sunflowers should be yellow.

sunflowersSunflowers should be yellow!

Saturday 13th August

Hmm, Bronte may be coming back into season.

Gwenna is getting back to normal.

GwennaGwenna, Dan and Bertie, relaxing.

Sunday 14th August

Cooler today, so we were out in the veg garden. I pulled out the spent peas. Dan took off any remaining pods, which I’m going to use for seed, then he started weeding the pea bed. This will be covered n manure and lack plastic and allowed to rest over winter. It’ll be the potato bed next year.

pea-bedPea bed ready for clearing.

Pea-bed-weededWeeding the pea bad.

Dan also pruned the espalier pear trees – much easier than standards, although the yield isn’t as high.

pearsEspalier pear trees.

I weeded.

Thunder tonight and some rain. More forecast for tomorrow and Tuesday. Yay!


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