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Posted: Monday 29 August, 2022

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Monday 22nd August

Busy morning; down to Downfield to pick up some Shetland beef from Paul Sanderson. Three of my old customers had bought beef too, so I picked that up as well.

Light rain this morning, with some heavier showers, dropping to drizzle – not forecast but welcome, nevertheless.

Visit this afternoon from Alan and Dianne Yarker, who we met through the Shetland Cattle Breeders Association. Great to catch up with them; lovely folk. Managed to avoid talking about the state of the current breed society.

Tuesday 23rd August

Had smallholders’ lie-in today. Mild and damp at 6.30am but sun out by mid morning. Hopefully see a flush of grass now.

Took Lorna for a coffee and accidentally bought three hardy geraniums.


Dan lifted some tatties – Caledonian Rose – beautiful. And very tasty.

tattiesOh dear, I ate mine.


Wednesday 24th August

Gwenna has been out in her garden pen. And digging.

diggingGwenna making her mark.

While Penfold has taken over her indoor one.


Thursday 25th August

The first seed catalogue arrived. So I placed an order. Last year, I couldn’t get the tomatoes  wanted, so I’m not missing out this year. I was quite restrained though.

Saturday 27th August

Just when it was all going swimmingly, Gwenna seems to have had a bit of a relapse. She was clearly in pain this morning, took her to the vet and she’s back on Metacam and Gabapentin, with box rest until Monday. Hate to see her in pain and so disappointed. Maybe we just overdid the walking last week, because she did seem to be doing so well.

Very hot – unexpectedly, and not forecast. So I chose today to ask Dan if he could relocate the huge stone intel that had been sitting on the sack barrow for about three months. Boy, was I popular! First it slipped off the barrow and required levers of several different designs to get it back on. Then it had to be moved across the stony path. Still, done now and Dan’s back will be better soon!

lintelI shouldn't have asked.

Andy came over and he and Dan split and stacked wood. Two bays almost full; we used just over one last year, but we plan to use the wood burner more this year. We’re moving the office back into the house for the winter. Doesn't make sense to ehat two buidings. Dan's ordered a wee desk from IKEA to go in the Lego room and I'll put my Mac on gteh dining room table.


Lots of Grenadier windfalls, so Dan’s been cooking and freezing them for future breakfasts. He’s adding homemade mincemeat – from 2020! It really does keep well for two years.

Just to round off the day, we have red mite in the henhouses. For years, I’ve dusted with diatom when I cleaned them out but I’ve been a bit lax this year. Doused them in diatom and did the nest boxes and perches. The hens themselves seem fine; none look anaemic. We’ve decided we’re going to sell eggs until Lorna and I go on holiday mid-September,  then stop. After that, we’ll donate any to the food bank, before clearing the old hens out before spring.

Sunday 28th August

Cooler today but sunny and quite lovely. Gwenna seems fine – not a steady as she was on Friday, but fine. Might be the painkillers though.

Dan’s been strimming round the Grenadier trees to make the windfalls easier to find. The pigs, ponies and cattle are enjoying the peelings and cores. Eve’s Pudding for dinner tonight.

I weeded, emptied a few pots that were done and pulled some bolted broccoli. And sowed some lettuce and rocket.

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