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Posted: Sunday 20 November, 2011

by Rosemary at 10:07am in Sheep Comments closed

Nellie and Jura have green bums. We changed Leo's raddle last weekend to green, hoping we wouldn't see it used. TBH, there was a question mark against Nellie - although she was very faintly yellow, I wasn't sure she'd been tupped. She's now very, very green, so I've no doubt he's well and truly caught her this time.

Jura is always last; she did have a yellow bum, but in the three years she's lambed previously, she's always been last, sometimes by 10 days or so.

Hopefully, she will be last and none of the others will come back in season. We're taking Leo out at the end of the month by which time all of them will have had two cycles. If they aren't in lamb, then we'll have to make a decision on that basis.

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