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Posted: Monday 12 November, 2007

by Rosemary at 8:32pm in Sheep 2 comments Comments closed

We trimmed our sheeps' feet for the first time yesterday. It wasn't as traumatic as I expected - for anyone!

Rosemary trimming Juno's feet

Ian, husband of Jane, who bred our shhep, came down to lend us the clippers and offer advice. He also brought the "purple spray" in case we got carried away. However, Jane and I had discussed this on the phone and agreed that we'd rather be cautious and trim more often than risk cutting too far.

Once we got the lambs caught and tipped over on their bottoms, they co-operated fully while I snipped away. I think I may have been a bit over-cautious but will have more confidence next time. I did two and Dan did one, so we both got a chance to try it.

Dan trimming Jinx's feet

So we're going to invest in our own clippers, since we'll have sheep for a long time (hopefully).

Shearing next...



Wednesday 14 November, 2007 at 12:29pm

Hehe, the joys of foot trimming!

You definately need to get yourself your own set of clippers and can of blue spray - perhaps ask Father Christmas? We seem to be constantly trimming hooves.

Great looking sheep though! I haven't found many blogs from other sheep keepers - so I will be checking back regularly for updates and tips.

PS: We lost an eartag on the first day with one of our stock lambs as well - those tags are designed to snag on wire-netting and hayracks.


Thursday 15 November, 2007 at 8:06pm

I'll need to work on the back muscles for the future - bending was torture. We've got our own foot shears now and I'll get purple spray at WCF next week. Then we'll be proper farmers!!

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