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Posted: Thursday 27 March, 2014

by Rosemary Champion at 11:12am in Sheep Comments closed

Well, we resorted to man and machine (minidigger) to clear out the barn. Took about three hours - it would have taken us days and we wanted to get the rest of the apple trees in. Sometimes it's just more effective to bring in a contractor - and they took away the muck, which made me a bit sad, but we just didn't have anywhere to put it this year. Our muck production is currently outstripping our muck usage :-)

Barn cleaned for lambingBarn in preparation for lambing.

So barn pressure washed, pens up, straw down, hay rack, water trough, feed troughs and lick in - and it's time to bring in the ewes. Yesterday evening (Dan's birthday - don't say I don't know how to treat a guy :-)), I let the two groups (singles / hoggs / wether and the twins / triplet) into one paddock - better that they get the pushing and shoving nonsense out of the way when there's plenty room to escape - then we split off the hoggs and the wether and housed the twelve ewes.

Bringing the ewes inBringin the ewes in.

This morning, they're a wee bit unsettled but they'll soon get into the routine. First lambs due Sunday, if she goes by the chart. I've built three pens but only bedded two - the third has my "stuff" in it. I may have to bring the third into use at some time, but it's only a case of bedding it down.

On a non-sheep note, we brought home our two Kunekune weaners on Monday. They're called Holmes and Watson. Watson's a little ginger - Martin Freeman, eat your heart out :-)

Holmes and WatsonHolmes (right) and Watson.

They were born 4th January, so we plan to get them away end of October. They are lovely little pigs - very friendly indeed. Terrible timewasters though.

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