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Posted: Sunday 4 November, 2007

by Rosemary at 7:54pm in Sheep Comments closed

Jinx has lost her ear tag - well, technically it's not lost - it's on top of the key cupboard in the scullery. But it's not in her ear, where it should be. And she now resembles some kind of punk sheep with her ear cut in two. It's a hell of a wound to have been made by a plastic tag. I think her show days are over before they even started!

We were checking them over today and immediately noticed that her ear was bleeding and the tag was gone. She must have caught it in the hay net - so no more hay nets. I've sprayed the wound with iodine and it stopped bleeding - fortunately, it's past the time for flies. Other than that, I'll leave well alone.

I spoke to her breeder, who's a friend of mine, and she told me that this had happened to one of her sheep, on a hay rack (dangerous business, this hay stuff). On Jane's advice, I'm not going to retag her just now but will keep the tag in case we sell her (not likely) or send her for slaughter (even less likely).

Jane's coming next week to deliver a masterclass on foot trimming, so that should be interesting.

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