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Posted: Thursday 28 April, 2011

by Rosemary at 11:13am in Sheep Comments closed

Ear tags are makin' ma heid nip. I need to order tags for our lambs. We have 4 ewe lambs that will be registered Ryelands; they will need two tags, one electronic. The tags need the UK flock number and an individual number by law plus the RFBS flock number and individual number as well. The five boys are destined for the freezer so I need five electronic slaughter tags for them.

I've just completed my RFBS ewe registration document, but won't send it off until the lambs are tagged since all the numbers have to tie up with the correct lamb.

I'd also like to sort out the tags on my older ewes. Sheep are terrible for pulling their tags out. We have a couple with ripped ears from doing just that - if the tag gets caught, they will do anything to get free. I probably won't apply the tags - I know them by name - but it would be sensible to have them, just in case.

So I'm off to the field now to do a recce and see who needs what - of course, the old ewes only need one tag; younger ewes need two tags and last years' need two tags, including an electronic one. Deep joy.

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