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Posted: Tuesday 19 January, 2010

by Rosemary at 6:56pm in Wildlife No comments Add your own

Actually, it wasn't that dramatic. I was walking the dogs this afternoon and saw them nosing around something on the ground. When I got closer, I found that it was a bird, some kind of waterfowl, that couldn't fly.

Hmm, just as well I used to watch "Animal Hospital" (thanks, Rolf). I threw my jacket over it and caught it up under one arm. It's not very big - I've tried to identify it using my trusty "Reader's Digest Book of British Birds" without success - and I think it's a goose, rather than a duck because it hisses rather than quacks.

Anyway, having caught it, I had to get back into my jacket - it was pretty cold - drape the dogs' leads round my neck and stop Tess from nipping it's bum, before walking back. I didn't think we'd walked far, but it seemed a long way home.

Goosey is now in the garage, in the cat basket, with a straw bed, water and some mixed corn, awaiting the SSPCA tomorrow. Its foot is badly damaged and I suspect that humane dispatch will be the outcome, but maybe not, because other than that it looks OK.

It is rather lovely, although it doesn't like me much. Or Bertie, for that matter. He had to be removed from the garage and locked out. That's gratitude for you!


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