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Posted: Tuesday 26 April, 2011

by Rosemary at 12:46pm in Poultry Comments closed

One of the three sickly Sids died this morning. The other two are fine, but I had my doubts this morning. She came out and pecked around then settled in the sun; when I came back after feeding, she was dead.

The other two are going out with the rest tonight. They are now just over six weeks old and looking fine. I've just changed them over to grower pellets; normally I would have kept them on chick crumbs for another week or so, but the bag was finished and I didn't want to open a new bag for a week, then end up wasting the rest.

They are outside now and love it. I've been giving them some cabbage greens hung up on string and they didn't take long to work out that this was a good thing.

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