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Posted: Tuesday 22 March, 2022

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Monday 14th March

My new dahlia tubers have arrived. One variety of leeks is sprouting, as is the cabbage. Bought some tomato seeds at the supermarket today  - the ones I bought previously had only two seeds in the packets. I should complain but I can’t be bothered.

seedsproutsLeeks, sprouts and cabbage.

Tuesday 15thMarch

Lovely day! Started Spring cleaning, such as it is – stripped our bed and will do the dogs’ beds tomorrow.

Wednesday 16th March

Should have checked the forecast. Piddling down this morning, so the house looks like a laundry. Still, it’s to be full sun tomorrow, so I’ll get the duvet out for a good airing.

Opened the dahlia tubers and potted them up. The peas on kitchen roll have sprouted – at least some have. Some have gone mouldy though. I need 108 plants – 18 frames and six plants per frame. If I’m short after potting up, I’ll start some more. We have two tubs of peas from last year in the freezer!!!

apeasproutsSprouted peas (Hurst Greenshaft).

There was the most stunning double rainbow this evening. The photo doesn’t do it justice.

rainbowLuminous double rainbow.

Thursday 17th March

Dan potted up the peas – about 115 pots, so fingers crossed they all come. The other two varieties of leeks are also through and some sweet peas.

peasPotted up peas.

Friday 18th March

Collecting meat birds next Friday so started getting the box, heat lambs and other equipment ready. The outside pen is going to need a bit of renovation, but we have three weeks to get to that.

Dan’s been busy pruning apple trees. And willow. The sheep are loving nibbling at the bark of the trimmings.

willowbarkA willowbark treat for the sheep.

Saturday 19th March

Monday is 16 weeks since the hens were locked down for Avian Influenza – there seems to be no sign of this being lifted, with cases being reported almost daily. I hate this. They’re laying fine – even tidily – but I’m really concerned about the ones in the polytunnel as it starts to warm up.

eggsLinear egg laying.

Mucked out the field shelter, ready for lambing, and moved Bean in with the non-breeders – fingers crossed none are in season. They shouldn’t be, at this time of year. Bambi and Bean had a butting competition. Bean won.

Sunday 20th March

And so, it’s the vernal equinox; the Wicca festival of Ostara. Dan and I had a chocolate rabbit each to celebrate. Feeling slightly sick. I also weighed myself, which may be adding to my queasiness. Last chocolate binge for a while!

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