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Posted: Thursday 15 March, 2007

by Rosemary at 7:34pm in Cats 4 comments Comments closed

Our new cat CopperToday we said "goodbye" to our wee tortie cat, Copper. At close to her 18th birthday, she'd had a good long life and she was so poorly that the decision wasn't hard to make, in the end.

Copper came to live with us three years ago, as a companion for our old cat, Homer. She was a real character - a real "little madam" and I'm sure she must have been a real fiesty youngster. Although she was quite a big cat (a 5kg cat in a 6.5kg body!), she had tiny paws and bustled about - she was a very busy cat, with an agenda to stick to. Like many females, she was quite vocal and was very good at letting you know exactly what you were required to do. Because she didn't go out much latterly, her claws were quite long , and we would hear her tippy tapping on the wooden floor, through to our bedroom in the early morning for a quick cuddle. Because she wasn't able to jump up on to our bed, she would scratch the bedside cabinet and call loudly to be lifted up. Actually, she probably could jump up, but why bother when you have well-trained humans to do the lifting!

Although she was diagnosed with kidney failure in October, medication and a special diet kept her well over this winter. In fact, on Sunday, she was out around the garden, chewing the newly emerging catmint and generally supervising operations. She was a bit quiet on Monday, which I put down to over exertion at the weekend (you know how it is!) but yesterday she was clearly quite unwell. Blood tests by the vet confirmed she was in acute renal failure. She came home last night to a roaring fire and lots of cuddles and Sarah, the vet, came out this afternoon to do the deed.

Copper's buried beside Homer, under a mass of Tete-a-tete narcissi. We'll miss her hugely.



Thursday 15 March, 2007 at 11:23pm

I'm so sorry to hear about Copper. Losing pets is never easy. Her grave sounds so lovely, though, and how kind that your vet came to your house. I wish we had a vet nearby that would do that. Our corgi, Reggie, is getting up there, and neither of us can bring ourselves to take him to the vet (which terrifies him anyway) in case they try to talk us into putting him down. Of course everytime it seems that he is really on his last legs, we start dicussing that we need to take him in, he suddenly perks up and acts like a young pup again.


Sunday 18 March, 2007 at 1:43pm

My heart goes out to you at the loss of your lovely friend and kitty. May she have traveled over the RAINBOW BRIDGE into ANIMAL HEAVEN with all of our beloved pets before her. And, may your hearts stay warm remembering all of your memories of her!


Sunday 18 March, 2007 at 5:50pm

Thanks, both.

I'm sure she is over the Rainbow Bridge, although if it's wooden, she probably put a few scars on it sharpening her claws, as she did to most of our furniture!


Tuesday 20 March, 2007 at 8:23pm

Sorry to hear about your loss.

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