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Posted: Tuesday 15 July, 2008

by Rosemary at 9:15pm in Poultry 4 comments Add your own

Here is a recent photo of Chip, our sole Cream Legbar. I'm pretty sure he's a boy. He has a head for heights - I've found him perched on top of the water container yesterday and here he is on top of the feeder. You can see his little harem, and Meg, gazing up at him in awe and admiration!

Chip on top of the feeder



Wednesday 16 July, 2008 at 11:55am

he's looking very pleased with himself!


Thursday 17 July, 2008 at 9:26am

Hi Rosemary,

In trying to keep up with all your poultry, I was wondering how many chickens you have and where they are all kept. By that I mean, are they in the same coop?, or do you have a few coops?

Hope it's all going well! we're getting our first mail order root bare fruit trees this weekend, so will be busy planting them.



Thursday 17 July, 2008 at 11:14pm

We have 16 laying hens - a mixture of Rhode Island Reds, Light Susses and Black Rocks. One of the Black Rocks is currenly on broody duty. Six 12 weeks old Copper Black Marans - 3 male, three female, I think. One Cream Legbar (Chip) and six Black Rocks @ 8 weeks old) and Weeny Cheep, a Cuckoo Maran at six days old. That's it for the moment! We're currently using a broody coop, two other coops with runs and two houses for the hens. That number will diminish as we move towards winter.

Good luck with the trees!

sheila millson

Friday 18 July, 2008 at 11:50am

I keep coming back to this photo. It makes me laugh so much. I love the way the dog is peeping in as if to say"whats going on here then?"

I have 6 Isa Warrens and 2 Baby ? ones of about 6 weeks old. We have yet to determine their age or sex as we rescued them at an auction.

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