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Posted: Saturday 28 April, 2007

by Rosemary at 9:09pm in Poultry 3 comments Comments closed

The three cheeps seem to be doing fine - eating loads and scurrying around.

Tomorrow, we're going to isolate the three Light Sussex hens for a couple of days and collect the eggs from them for incubation. At least then we'll know that it's pure Light Sussex we're hatching this time. The three cheeps look identical but I don't know if that's because they are all the same cross or if all chicks look much the same at hatching.

Hobbes seems to like the Light Sussex hens best anyway, so hopefully the fertility rate will be high and the hens are only about 18 months old, so should be in good nick. The RIR are probably a bit past it.

When should we think about getting them outside? They're in the spare room, so they don't hog the heat lamp. I imagine that a hen would have them outside pretty soon after hatching...



Sunday 29 April, 2007 at 9:00pm

I think I read somewhere that Mummy chicken takes the chicks outside after 3 days and shows them how to catch food etc!

Ms Peabody

Sunday 29 April, 2007 at 11:15pm

You can take them out anytime after 3 days or so, but they'll need a heatlamp for support until they have all their feathers (about 6 weeks). I'd just give them a spot they can get warm if you're going to move them out. And I likely wouldn't put them out full time until 3 weeks or so.


Wednesday 2 May, 2007 at 2:30pm

Back to your problem with the fuse tripping out. My husbands an electrician and when we were building the house i was dragged into helping wire the house. Depending on where you have plugged the incubator into if you look on the fuses it will tell you what fuse goes to what ie, lights upstairs , downstair sockets,etc. When you have located the sorce unplug everything in that ring and plug in one thing at a time and if the fuse goes then that item, iea lamp, alarm, radio et, has a fault in the wiring. If you are unable to locate anything with a fault then perhaps the fuse isnt big enough for the load being asked of it. Just a bit of pointless information you pick up when the husband tells you over and over again when our caravan kept loosing electricity when we had the lights, tv,toaster, and shower all going at the same time, the fuse just couldnt cope with the surge and my daughter, usually,screamed as she was plunged into a cold shower in the winter. I laughted she wasnt impressed.

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