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Posted: Sunday 26 April, 2009

by Rosemary at 10:51am in Poultry Comments closed

We took delivery of 12 Black Rock pullets on Wednesday. At 16 weeks, it will be five or six weeks before they come into lay. They are in the big Forsham ark with the extension run and seem quite settled now. It's "Sardine Sunday" today so we'll see how they like fish!

These are replacements for the laying hens killed by the dog. Although we only lost 6 layers (and 7 meat birds), the delivery charge was £20 so I decided just to get a round dozen. They'll stay in the run until they start to lay, then they can go in with the other layers.

The Cream Crested Legbars are now free ranging with the others. Hugo and Hector have reached a truce which involves Hugo making himself scarce if Hector is around. Funnily enough, the four Legbar hens and Hugo sleep in the little ark. If none of the eggs in the incubator are fertile, Hugo will be having a permanent sleep.

The Hubbards should have been dispatched this weekend but we've been busy with the pigs and sheep, so they have a reprieve until next weekend. Carol and Andrew have already enjoyed one of theirs, so we're looking forward to similar. Soon be time to get more day-olds and start again.

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