Cattle and pigs away; mittens and yarn; possible orfRSS feed

Posted: Monday 24 October, 2016

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Monday 17th October

So the pigs and the cattle are away. The pigs loaded a treat; we put them into our trailer when we fed them this morning then transferred them to the haulier’s wagon about 10am.

The cattle were a bit more challenging to load; Mak would have loaded no problem but Hamish was less keen. I think I’ll have a bruise on my leg and my right big toe, where Mak stood on it. Still, all done with not too much angst. Can’t say I enjoy it – felt a bid sad so kept busy with “pottering” type jobs this morning.

Tuesday 18th October

My toe is fine this morning but I’ve got a cracking bruise on my knee cap. Dan’s got a couple of bruises too but mine are better.

Cleaned out the pig ark this morning; because pigs are so clean and don’t soil their beds, it was quite a pleasant task, if a bit dusty. It was funny to find the “treasures” cached in the ark – sticks and stones mainly. I’ve cleaned out the water trough and upended it; Dan’s going to try and get the harrow over the paddock before the weather breaks then we’ll sow some grazing rye. The perimeter fencing will be replaced over the winter – looking at it today, it’s amazing we only had two break-outs.

Took Diesel to the vet for his second vaccination – for some reason, I had omitted to register him with the vet when we got him from the SSPCA, so forgot to take him for his booster. He was having nice cuddles with Eve then she stuck a needle in him and he went right off her. He’s such a drama queen. As I type, he’s sleeping in a box of rosettes under my desk. Odd cat.

There’s still a surprising number of tomatoes in the polytunnel and quite a few were ripe today, so I picked them and Dan’s roasting them with garlic and basil, for the freezer. I hope more ripen yet, or there will be a lot of green tomato chutney this year.

We’ve been working on our “yarn kits” for Rosedean Yarn. Jules at woolenflower designed a pair of mittens for our wool.

Rosedean MittensMittens in Rosedean Yarn.

We’re putting together a kit of two balls of wool and the pattern, which we’ll sell on line and at the two Forfar Farmers’ Markets in the run up to Christmas. We’re also looking for a nice hat pattern that we can use.

Organized for the vet to come on 28th to scan the cows, castrate the bull calves and blood test the three calves for BVD. I’ve promised that next year I’ll ring any bull calves.

Wednesday 19th October

Painter arrived today to redecorate Lorna’s bedroom and the hall and stairs. The whole house is chaos. Penfold is p*ssed at not being able to sleep on Lorna’s bed (his usual daytime spot).

The two steers are through the fence into the wood but they’ll need to wait until tomorrow.

Thursday 20th October

Tempted the steers out of the wood with sugar beet and secured the fence.

Checked the lambs – we noticed one last week with a sore on her lip. It’s still there so we took some photos and sent them to the vet.

Possible orfPossible case of orf.

He says it looks enough like orf to treat it as such. So we’ve to spray it twice a week with oxytet. spray and keep an eye on the others.

Returned Martin’s cattle gates and gave him the pig food I had left. Went to Harbro for a tonne of layer pellets. Painter finished.

Grant came for his lamb and I forgot about the layer pellets, so will have to unload them first thing tomorrow. However Grant and I did put the world to rights, so no time wasted J

Friday 21st October

Unloaded the feed and had a quick tidy up of the feed store. Trimmer here to the horses in the afternoon. Weather changeable.

Dan went up and sprayed the lamb’s face.

Saturday 22nd October

Dan’s been pottering outdoors and I’ve been pottering indoors. Change of the seasons means a tidy up all round. I went for a couple of bales of hay this afternoon and met L and J’s new Dachshund puppy, Rosie. She’s very sweet.

Got an email from Bryn’s breeder saying that the owners of both his litter sisters are planning to take a litter next year, so we’re calling off the search and will buy one of Bryn’s nieces :-)

Sunday 23rd October

Jings, torrential rain, but thankfully in showers rather than persistent.  

Cleaned out the caravan hens; it gets smelly really quickly. Sorted through the freezers to try and create space for pig and beef. Done our best but not sure it’s enough.

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