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Posted: Wednesday 5 January, 2011

by Rosemary at 9:44pm in Cattle Comments closed

We were going to have our calves dehorned but changed our minds. The vet was coming to scan the sheep as well, so he dosed the calves for worms and fluke. Since our grazing hasn't had cattle on it for years, we should only need to treat for fluke in future.

The vet also took blood samples to test for Bovine Viral Diahorrea (BVD). Scotland is now ina voluntary programme to eradicate BVD, although it may become compulsory. We should get the test results in 10 days or so; hopefully, they will be OK as the Shetland Isles are BVD free and the calves haven't been in contact with any other cattle.

They were both tied up when the vet came, but Blizzard managed to have a good stomp right on the bridge of his foot - steel toecaps would have been no good. We will have to rig up some kind of crush arrangement before the summer and the visit of the AI technician.

They can go out in 24 hours, once the wormer has done its stuff but we'll wait until the ground is less frozen, to avoid slips and falls. The vet said he had put to sleep an old Highland cow, that has slipped on ice and broken a back leg. I'd rather avoid that, if at all possible.

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