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Posted: Monday 6 May, 2024

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Monday 29th April

It’s Sheriff Bryn’s ninth birthday. Can’t believe it. He had Ace Sirloin steak – Gwenna doesn’t like raw beef, but Bryn (and Cooper and Bertie) loves it. It’s a bit tough for us but Bryn tucked in.

Tuesday 30th April

Rosedean Aurora has a wee bull calf, born sometime between 1am and 5am. They're both a bit grubby because he was born in the shed but they'll soon clean up now they're out. Our 33rd calf.

calfRora's new boy.

Her due date was 4th May, but she went early last year (her first calf) and I thought she might this year too. Same as last year, no fuss. It is the way. It is the Shetland way.

Turns out Mickey can’t resist an open door.

MickeyNosey Mickey.

Tired cats this evening. Dottie is asleep in a plastic bag with some yarn in it and Cooper is relaxing, elegantly. Or not.

DottieDottie's bag.

CooperThe elegant Cooper.

Wednesday 1st May

Happy Beltane. Doesn’t feel like the first day of summer – misty and a cold wind. Dan is off to Portugal to play football. So I’m in charge. I have a long list.

Oops, bedtime and not much of the list done. I did build a Lego railway station though, despite the kittens’ input.

Lego kittensHelp! I have "help".

Thursday 2nd May

It’s actually rather nice – warm sunshine, albeit a cool breeze. The calf is doing well – he and Rora had a race today. Calf won. Our friend Alistair is going to come and ring him for m

The list didn’t get much attention today either, but I did get loads of washing done and dried.

Uncle Diesel has introduced Wee Dot to catmint.

catmintDottie discovers catmint, aided by Uncle D.

Friday 3rd May

Spent the day at Stracathro Hospital with Lorna, for some elective dental treatment. All went well in the end. Absolutely knackered now. Beautiful day, and I spent it indoors.

Saturday 4th May

Star Wars Day!

Bronte had her second calf, 365 days after the first one and the day before her thrd birthday. Anna and Digby sent photos. I think they are pleased. All went well – she’s a super mum. Was last year too. Don’t know if it’s a bull or a heifer yet. If it’s a bull / steer, they’re going to call him Yoda.

BronteBronte and her calf.

Rora's boy has cleaned up just fine.

RoraRora and her bull calf.

All quiet here. Just relaxing after yesterday. It’s been overcast and damp / drizzle but not cold. No wind. Saved me having to water the front garden. I did find the motivation to order more plants though.

And then.

After yesterday, today was to be a stress free day and it was going fine until about 9pm. Dogs going nuts; clearly a fox nearby. Let them out and shouted for the kittens. No sign of them. Normally they are in bed by then but with the lighter nights, the hens are going to bed later and shutting them in in the last job before bed.

Went to shut the hens in. Three of them are up an apple tree. I knock them down and huckle them into the house and close it up.

HensHens roosting in apple tree.

Back to looking for the kittens, who are pretty good at coming when called. Shouting, out with a torch. Then Dottie appears. Wide eyed. Put her to bed. By that time, Diesel and Bertie are in. Also wide eyed. No sign of Cooper. This is the kitten who was trying to swing on Smokey's tail yesterday.

Then I hear a miaow. He's up a tree. A big tall tree. Now, I'm not great on ladders, but I thought if I put one against the tree, he might come down. No. He's out on a wee spindly branch (that I was secretly hoping would break) then back to the trunk then up higher.

Phoned some chums. It's well after 10pm by then and my chums have clearly switched off their phones. Phoned the fire brigade - "put some food out and call the SSPCA". Now, I called them with some reluctance as my ex-husband is an ex-firefighter and he always said you never say a dead cat up a tree. Do they die and fall out?


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