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Posted: Sunday 1 August, 2010

by Rosemary at 8:10pm in Renovation Comments closed

We've seen a bit of activity this week as the tradesmen returned from their holidays.

The electricians, Harry and Kevin (who are my cousin and his son) arrived at Dalmore last Saturday, (with their own caravan so that they could get an early start on Sunday) raring to go. Over the two days, they put in most of the first fix cabling. They couldn't do it all because the downstairs floors weren't in. We went up on Sunday, to answer a few questions that they had.

The builders have now put in the concrete downstairs ready for the underfloor heating, and they've also put in the pipes to carry the cables and stuff for the ground source heat pump from the underground coil to the old dairy, where the plant will be. We've just had confirmation that we're getting a grant for the heat pump and an interest-free loan for the pump and the PV installation, which is good news.

Pouring the floors

Gav, the joiner, has been at Dalmore most of the week and has got through a pile of work. Most of the insulation is now in place upstairs. I expect he'll be cracking on with that this coming week.

The only major purchases we have left to make are the stove and the shower - Dan's fingers have blisters from scanning the world wide web for best prices.

We're still hopeful that we'll be in at the end of September - this September, too.

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