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Posted: Monday 5 July, 2010

by Rosemary at 4:33pm in Renovation Comments closed

Dan, Lorna and I shot up to Dalmore today with a trailer load of "stuff". The caravan is being delivered THIS Friday 9th July - definitely.

The builders have finished for the moment - they're on holiday for two weeks, so the joiners have moved in. They now have all the downstairs floors out - without collapsing the staircase, thankfully - and have started dwanging. Now, I thought this might be illegal - apparently it's called "nogging" in England - but Graeme assures me it's fine. It's nice to see something being built rather than ripped out.

The huge box bush in the front garden has to come out to let the lorry with the concrete for the floor in - they're going to pour the concrete through the front window. I can't look. It all looks a bit sad and it will get worse before it gets better, so I'm resigned to it. Can't make an omelette without breaking eggs and so on.

The painters are finished at Longcarse and it's looking very lovely - really pleased with the job they've done. Estate agents out this week - so I should be weeding, not doing this, really.

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