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Posted: Friday 6 October, 2017

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Monday 25th September

Pretty dismal here today. The roofers arrived to repoint the chimney and do some minor roof repairs but were rained off; they came back when it cleared up in the afternoon, and the work is now complete. 

Vet came to X-ray Bug’s sore feet this morning and to take a blood sample to check for Cushing’s and Equine Metabolic Syndrome. He was tested two years ago and was fine, but Robert wants to check again. The X-rays will help Jane, the trimmer.

The cows have decided that they are starving.

Starving cattleStarving cattle getting a wee feed.

Spent a good bit of the day on Festival clear up.

Took Gwenna for her first walk.

Gwenna's first walkGwenna's first walk.

She was very good.

Tuesday 26th September

Woke this morning to a bit of a pea souper. Did more Festival paperwork.

Picked up six bales of poultry bedding and delivered left over pig feed to Martin. Ordered gates for the cattle housing at East Pitkerro and arranged to borrow Martin’s Avant for the mucking out.

We probably won’t get to this until early November – the barn floor has priority.

Visited Astwood – haven’t been for a couple of weeks (the owner checks the stock daily for me).

The ewes look fit and ready for the tup and the steers fat, so they’ll be going soon.

Moved the steers on to fresh grass.

Wednesday 27th September

At the dentist this morning.

Got the results of Bug’s blood test and he has both Cushing’s and EMS. He starts on medication today.

Thursday 28th September

Hosted a visit from the Headteacher of a local school, who wants to establish a school farm. He’s very enthusiastic and has the land, so hopefully we can help him, at least with contacts.

Bug had his feet trimmed today, so hopefully he’ll be getting a bit more comfortable. I’ll make pads for him until his new boots come.

Bug's padsBug's home made temporary pads.

Friday 29th September

Had friends over for dinner. We had gammon baked with treacle, boulangere potatoes, cabbage with crème fraiche and carrots followed by baked cheesecake with ginger and rhubarb compote.

Nice to be using a good proportion of hem produced food.

Apple harvest is well under way, most of the Discovery are picked, the Katy and St Edmund's Russet are just about ready.

Discovery appleDiscovery - a lovely apple.

We're eating a lot, freezing cookers, and plan to juice a lot of the rest to drink fresh and make cider.

Had a meltdown when I lost my “To Do” list.

Cleaned out the field shelter, moved in a second hayrack and put out straw for the “starving” cows.

Saturday 30th September

Lovely autumn day. Had friends coming for dinner and to stay overnight; pot roasted a joint of Shetland brisket, with carrots, onions, celery and swede and had it with mashed potatoes and peas – all from here apart from the onions, followed by delicious cheese from “The Cheesery” in Dundee.

Roast brisketBrisket ready for 5 hours in the oven.

Had a bit of a general tidy up.

Sunday 1st October

Miserable day today – grey and raining. Lit the fire in the office and cracking on with some writing assignments.

Gwenna and BrynGwenna and Bryn making the most of the miserable weather.

Still haven’t found the “To Do” list – have rewritten it but I know there are things missing from it.

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