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Posted: Monday 10 May, 2021

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Monday 3rd May

Nice start to the day but by late afternoon, it was like November – heavy rain and strong wind (or in the words of the BBC, a brisk breeze!). Dan made some modifications to the cheep run to make it a bit less exposed – I was going to bring them back in.

The cows came in by themselves mid afternoon. Rosie’s not going to go until her due date of the 10th, the question is when will she go. The weather for the week isn’t great. The lambs are all tucked up at the back of the field shelter.

We took delivery of a new vacuum cleaner today. It’s a Shark. Dan loves it. I don’t think I will have to vacuum ever again.

Tuesday 4th May

Picked up the pigs today; wish it had been a nicer day to introduce them to their new home but they seem happy enough. Three Oxford Sandy and Black boars – braw pigs as always from Martin and Jackie Beard at Parkhill Rare Breeds. One has pure black ears that don’t flop over – he’s awful cute. For now. Can’t get photos yet.

Wednesday 5th May

Rosie calved overnight – it’s red and white and I’m pretty sure it’s a heifer but she’s a bit swivel eyed at the moment so not 100% sure. And since I have previous in this regard, I’ll just wait.

RosieRosie (Rosedean Umber) and Bronte.

By afternoon, she’s settled down a bit and had some sugar beet. I’ve made sure the calf knows where the milk bar is (I’m pretty sure she knew already) and she’s definitely a she. Her name is Bronte; named after the  Greek goddess of thunder, shield maiden of Zeus. I think Dan must have been bored today. Since he gave me a list of possible names.

BronteBronte at the milk bar.

Thursday 6th May

Gwenna loves the pigs. Well, she loves pig food.

gwennaThe fourth pig.

Friday 7th May

Blizzard isn’t very comfortable on her feet. Trimmer can’t come until June.

Saturday 8th May

Now that Bronte is tearing about, Ace can re-join the herd. First thing this morning, we were off to Laing’s Field to lift all the chopped rushes and moss from the topping / harrowing and to set up the electric fence, put out the water trough and licky bucket.

rushesChopped rushes and moss.

I slipped down to the vet for an antibiotic and Metacam for Blizzard. They all need their feet trimmed. Hopefully this will keep her comfy until Nik comes.

Injections done, out they went. And very excited and happy they were too.

Sunday 9th May

Oh my, it’s like spring. Warm, sunny, dry.

thermometerWarm outside, even warmer inside the polytunnel.

Blizzard looks more comfortable. I think the calf she’s carrying will be her last. Very sad.

Dan finished the door for the pig ark. I got into the vegetables – planted out cucumber and the last of the tomatoes in the polytunnel and, outside, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. The peas, beans, courgette and pumpkin are outside now to harden off. And I weeded. Of course.


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