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Posted: Sunday 31 January, 2010

by Rosemary at 9:43pm in Bees Comments closed

Dan's dad and I started our beekeeping course on Tuesday. Run by Dunblane and Stirling Beekeepers' Association over about eight weeks, it was very enjoyable and very interesting. Thirty three people had signed up for the course and we all turned up, which is pretty good, I think.

First week was and introduction and a bit about bee biology, covering taxonomy and physiology. Much of it was introductory and future sessions will look at things like equipment and swarming in more detail. Swarming seems to be a major issue.

I think DSBA may be very good and welcoming, because there were folk from further afield whose local beekeepers had been less than welcoming. I think most of us beginners joined the Association, which means we get hands-on training and, hopefully, access to a nucleas later in the year. I'm not buying anything until I've been close to the bees, just in case I freak.

It's been lovely here last few days - cold, but dry and sunny. I actually managed to get two loads of washing pegged out and almost dry. It was lovely to smell the fresh washing for a change.

Yesterday, Dan and I did a bit of tidying up outside. It's a bit strange to think we won't be here next year. Our seed potatoes, onion and shallot sets and garlic bulbs arrived last week. I think we'll just plant them anyway, and we'll split the yield with the new tenants. Dan pruned the apple and pear trees and burned the prunings, so we and the cats all smelled smoky. It was such a nice day that even Felix came out and had a wander round in the sun - first time he's been out for ages.

We designed a new sign for our new house tonight; John (Dan's dad) is going to make it. He did the one for Longcarse and it's very good. We're doing so much planning, but we really need to get access to the house to firm up on measurements and so on. Hopefully, the sale will conclude this week and we'll be able to get in. Then it will be full steam ahead!

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