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Posted: Sunday 31 August, 2008

by Rosemary at 8:25pm in Poultry Comments closed

Some of you mey recall from an earlier post that I am determined to keep better records of our poultry flock. At the beginning of August, I carried out a headcount and committed this to a spreadsheet. I also decided to leg ring different batches of hens - as opposed to marking individual hens. Our two RIR are Mrs Red and Mrs Green, and three of our Light Sussex are Misses Yellow, Pink and Purple respectively. This doesn't really work now that we've got bigger numbers and more Black Rocks - not enough colours, you see.

A couple of weeks ago, the three Copper Black Marans got yellow leg rings. Today, all the "grown up" Black Rocks got "red on right". The broody was given an additional yellow ring, as a mark of honour!

I also intended to ring the six Black Rock pullets we have - Chip's girls. Except there seems to be a world (or at least local) shortage of any leg rings that aren't red! However, eBay to the rescue - so I have ordered twenty of each of the available colours. I think Chip's girls will be purple.

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