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Posted: Sunday 20 April, 2008

by Rosemary at 3:25pm in Poultry 1 comment Comments closed

We had our first egg from the new Black Rocks we bought last Saturday. There were two but one was squished. The eight new girls are now free-ranging, but don't really mix with the existing hens except at corn time. The new girls don't quite recognise the "call to corn" yet, but they are learning fast. One of the "old" BR may defect to the new flock, I think - birds of a feather and all that.

Copper black maran chick

Copper black maran chicks

The six cheeps seem to be doing fine. I've now turned off the incubator and discarded the seventh egg. The six are very small and very, very cute - two have copper tops! They seem to be finding the water and food fine, so we'll see how they go on.



Tuesday 13 May, 2014 at 2:18am

what kind is she?

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