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Posted: Saturday 2 July, 2011

by Rosemary at 5:25pm in Smallholding Comments closed

We've moved sheep, cattle and hens today - busy, busy!

The Black Rocks needed a bigger pen and we wanted them out of the Orchard, so thate we could get the sheep and cattle in there. Moving the henhouse and building the new pen was Dan's first job this morning.

Then we moved Leo, our tup, and Dickie, our wether, into the paddock at the railway. They were no bother at all - quick pedicure, a rattly bucket and we were done.

The heifers moved next - on halters and as good as gold. Very happy to be on fresh grass.

Finally, ewes and lambs - ewes had bums and feet done and a swish of Crovect, lambs had feet and bums (not that any had dirty bums, thankfully), Heptavac and a swish of Crovect. We also tagged the white ewe lambs so that we can identify them easily. Then we rattled the bucket again and took them to their new field, to join the heifers. We had a couple of false starts getting them out of their old field, but once they were out, they followed happily.

So everyone is munching happily. We like to move them on the first of each month to allow the grass to recover and to break the worm cycle. Next year, we are splitting two paddocks into four, which will make rotation easier.

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