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Posted: Saturday 7 March, 2009

by Rosemary at 2:43pm in Cats 2 comments Comments closed

Tuesday morning, our first day sans Cassius, and Tess was like a wee lost soul. It was her habit to follow Cass around, sometimes closer than was advisable; if you found one, you found the other. If Cass was asleep on the footstool, Tess would be asleep right next to it. If Cass was under the table, Tess was right there. If she got too close and Cass turned round to warn her off, she'd look away as if to say "I'm not looking at you, so you can't see me."

She now seems much better and is following Felix around - except Felix doesn't whack her, so she's not getting a proper adrenaline rush.

Or is it Felix? We suspect that, on Monday, someone took away the old Felix and brought us a new one. The new one is identical in appearance to the old one but has a significantly different personality. The new Felix is more playful, braver and more adventurous. He's been out with Dan today all round the field, up on to the wild area, in the car, out the car. He slept in the kitchen with the dogs last night rather than on my pillow. In many ways I'm not sorry about this. If my head gets cold, I'll get a hat but I don't miss having to hide under the duvet to avoid getting cat sneeze in my hair.

I think Cassius may have repressed Felix - we're now seeing the real thing! Or, as Dan suggested, has Cassius possessed Felix...



Sunday 8 March, 2009 at 12:08am

I have not been keeping up with reading all my fave blogs since i have been so busy at work....im so sorry for the loss of your dear Cassius. My Salem is my beloved of the Herd. He sleeps in my arms and follows me like a dog. I dont know what i would do without him. I lost 3 dear cats this year, one 21, one 22, and a siamese with heart disease that cost us more than i care to remember. As someone who deals with euthanasias almost daily at work, i can tell you that it IS the right thing to do when the time has come. To let them go with dignity, rather than suffer is a hard thing to do...its so easy to be selfish and keep them around hoping they will get better. Im sure Cassius knew how much you loved him, and im sure he is watching over you...again, so so sorry for your loss >^..^


Sunday 8 March, 2009 at 8:44am

Amazing, isn't it, how personalities can emerge/change when the social group changes. We've seen this in our cats as the composition of our group (of 4 cats) has changed over the years.

Or Dan could be right and Cassius has moved into Felix :-) Nehhh, not likely. OTOH, you could try an excorsism, just to be sure...

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