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Posted: Thursday 3 June, 2004

by Dan at 8:57pm in Growing 4 comments Comments closed

As mentioned previously here at TAS we joined the Clackmannanshire Horticultural Society this year, and I have been gently persuaded to operate the exhibitor database for this year's Annual Show. Now, wanting to take a full part in the society, we both intend to enter a good number of classes at the show, which is to be held on September 13th in Alva - Rosie in baking and perhaps some floral classes, myself in the vegetable classes.

The problem is I haven't the remotest of notions about what showing vegetables involves. A quick Google just scared me - how on earth do you produce carrots like these?

It would seem that actually growing the vegetables is the least significant part of the process - the careful cleaning, trimming, polishing and tying of the produce, and the presentation on a pristine white plate or spotless black felt tray are apparently the real key to success. Fortunately there is plenty of help on the web, and this PDF from the University of Wisconsin (136k) looks particularly helpful.

So I'll enter whatever grows, prepare it as best I can and see what transpires. A large part of me hopes I don't get drawn into the competitiveness of if all - after all we select and grow varieties for flavour, not for uniformity of size and colour, or to meet some arbitrary specification, and I'd hate to lose sight of that.



Thursday 10 June, 2004 at 4:57pm

Don't they say that talking to your plants makes them grow better? Does this work with vegetables as well? And if so, does the type of thing you talk to them about effect how they grow....tell them rude stories and they come out looking like humouresly shaped genitals, tell them stories about giants and they come out looking big and strong. :)


Thursday 10 June, 2004 at 7:13pm

LOL, maybe that is the secret to long leeks. Luckily we don't have any neighbours who will be able to hear me regaling the carrots with tails of my salacious past! By the way that's a lovely clematis you've got on your site.


Thursday 10 June, 2004 at 7:51pm



Friday 16 October, 2015 at 6:06pm

Hi me and my fiancé are moving from the city of London to a small holding in Cornwall.we have dabbled in grow your own bags before with a little success but now need to set up a poly tunnel and external raised veg beds, is there any advise you can give us on growing veg, do certain veg grow better next to any other veg (hinder help each other) also looking to get chickens many thanks!

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