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Posted: Sunday 12 March, 2006

by Rosemary at 10:49am in Anything goes 3 comments Add your own

Boy, have we got snow! We awoke this morning to about 6" of snow; it's now seven inches (I just measured it), deeper in places, and still falling. It won't last, of course - rain is forecast for tomorrow. Actually, that's probably more worrying because there's going to be an awful lot of wet stuff then, when the snow melts. Folk up the yard were talking about it yesterday - I was pooh poohing it, saying it would only be on high ground and we'd be unaffected. Hmm. Eating words this morning. Maybe I should pay more attention to the weather forecast or at least to those who have watched one.

The vegetable garden!

The hens haven't been further than the water and feeder; they've now gone back to bed. The pig hut is has snow three inches deep inside - just as well we've no pigs at the moment! No cat has been through the cat flap - although Felix did come out with us this morning. He's so light, he barely makes any tracks. The dogs love it and were going bonkers running around chasing those magic white balls that disappear when they hit the ground.

I was a bit worried about Smokey - not because he's out but because he's in! I wormed him yesterday and kept him in 24 hours to let the wormer do its stuff. We're snowed in - the track is 7 inches deep in snow. If we'd kept the Landrover we might have had a chance of getting out but not in a Ford Focus or a Renault Megane!! Even the public road hasn't been cleared yet. However, Kenneth, our yard owner, has agreed to give him hay and water today. His box will need to wait until tomorrow when, hopefully, we'll be able to get out.

Dan was planning to sow broad beans today, so he's had to revise his plans. We can't even see the vegetable beds! I'm going to scrub the bathroom floor and wax it - actually, I'm a bit stir crazy, already. If I could get out, I wouldn't want to, but because I can't... We watched "The Great Escape" last night and I'm afraid I'd be like Ives, throwing myself at the wire!

Who said Spring has sprung?



Sunday 12 March, 2006 at 1:50pm

doesn't it look lovely though! sure Smokey will be fine and warm, my cats won't go outside and the garden planting will have to wait, I've seen pseople out with their dogs who seem to be loving it!


Tuesday 14 March, 2006 at 10:02pm

I am still holding out hope that spring is just around the corner. My cows have been losing their winter coats for several week, and the grass is a little greener each day ( here in northern Ohio).


Wednesday 15 March, 2006 at 4:50pm

I've enjoyed your blog. We're in the midst of a march snowstorm as I write this. Yesterday afternoon was mellow and I dug the last of my over-wintered leeks for soup. Today we're back in winter. Sigh.

Perhaps you'd enjoy my blog titled Toughsledding connected with Kitchen Garden International.

Take care, Penelope

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