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Posted: Monday 4 July, 2022

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Monday 27th June

Wish we’d done the sheep yesterday. It didn’t rain but there’s rain forecast for much of the rest of the week. I need to get my head down and get through a pile of office stuff. No excuses. No diversions.

Wednesday 29th June

Today was all about peas – sweet and sweeter. Strawberries are coming well now and we have raspberries round in the wood. Not where we planned, but we’ll happily take them.

sweetpeasBeautiful sweetpeas.

peasFirst peas, Hurst Greenshaft.

Friday 1st July

Dan baked focaccia. It was delicious.

focacciaFresh focaccia.

Bronte and Grey, just because.

cattleHartons Grey and Rosedean Bronte.

Saturday 2nd July

Today was all about course preparation.

Sunday 3rd July

Well, that’s the last Dalmore / Accidental Smallholder course done and dusted. Lovely group of folk. The sheep behaved like, well, sheep and Astrid seemed to take a shine to one of the participants.

Forecast dry for the coming week so need to get the lambs vaccinated and Clik on. And Spotinor on the cattle. All sheep except the Bluefaced Leicesters due to be away by the weekend.

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