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Posted: Monday 4 May, 2009

by Rosemary at 10:04am in Poultry Comments closed

We dispatched the three remaining Hubbards yesterday. Once it was done, I started looking forward to a roast chicken dinner, but I get keyed up before we kill them - just because I want to be sure it's a swift and stress free as possible. Anyway, it was fine.

I made a right mess of plucking one; I managed to badly rip the skin. Dan's much better at plucking than me, but I need to keep practicing. He's very methodical; I think I try to be too quick, and it really is case of more haste, less speed. In teh end, we took the skin off and raosted it like that but it didn't work very well. The meat was really tasty but you really need the skin for roasting, and the outside was a bit dry. Anyway, curry tonight and I'm making stock for soup; Chicken and Tarragon, I think.

The other two have been hanging overnight; we'll clean them today and stick them in the deepfreeze. I've cleaned out the box and the feeders, so we're ready to start again!

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